A tobacco business to fit your dream.

What do you need to know and do to be operational? Is there a countdown to your launch.

You’ve got questions. That comes with the territory of new beginnings. You may find below some of them.

For all others, book a startup meeting over the phone and we will be glad to talk.

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Nuts and bolts

Plug & play

1. Do I need advanced technical know how to start a business in tobacco?

You have heard right, the industry has a rather high entry barrier in know how. Our solution will make that manageable: the overall production line will be easy to use. In fact, our promise is you will plug and play! 

What you do need to learn is the specifics of the business. Tips and tricks, how to put it all together so it works, logistics. Or however else you wish to call it. We are here to offer you support with all that.

2. Do I need a specialised operator?

You and your staff will operate your machinery directly. We will provide the adequate training in handling, operating and troubleshooting. Together with our continued and open support on all required components.

3. Do I need external maintenance?

You and your staff will be trained to handle most maintenance issues yourselves. We will of course provide  maintenance for the remaining situations. Call it do-it-yourself tobacco business, with external maintenance on demand. When you actually need it.

4. Will I incur a large startup cost in operations?

Our solution will bring the acquisition, set-up and implementation costs down. Because the machinery we offer will focus solely on getting the job done, without being the last generation equipment available. 

We turn around to up to “as good as new” obsolete lines. That allows us to cut all costs to the core, and help you get started on your business with the most efficient cost structure. If we were making watches, ours would tell time but not tell you the phases of the moon.

5. How long will it be till I start producing?

If you get your ducks in order, you will start the process right after our first conversation. You will need to make decisions, put together budgets and work out funding. But you will have your first batch. That is our promise.

6. Is there such a thing as a gourmet, dark chocolate cigarette?

We were hoping you would ask. There could be. You could make any kind of cigarette, including a chocolate flavoured one. It’ s your business and it’s up to you to call the shots. We’re here to support you to make that happen.



Supporting your tobacco business!