You can start building your own business in tobacco right now.

That is our promise. That we will be there with advice and insight as you pick your machines, design your own path and size your operation and make your first batch. And right by your side to help you grow your personal brand.

1. Who is New Wave Incomprest?

We started our company in 1994 in Bucharest, Romania, and grew into an outlet specialised in the construction, reparation, reconditioning and renewals of tobacco machines:

  • cigarette making machines
  • cigarette packaging machines
  • primary tobacco processing machines and equipments
  • tobacco cutters
  • other machines related to tobacco industry.

Ever since, we’ve been supporting  machine operators on three continents, from startup to full operational mode through making the appropriate choice of machines, rebuild, production line configuration, modernisation and safety kits, delivery installation and first run.


We have distilled years of problem solving into know how we make available to our clients, with our promise that they can start their own tobacco business right after our first conversation.

2. What do we do? What do we stand for?

Your tobacco machine does not need to be the latest hi-tech prototype to deliver excellent results. In fact, you will get the job done just as well on existing, used machinery, upgraded to up to “as good as new” and in compliance with modern technical expectations.

You could call them classics. Or evergreens. Either way, they will work! And they are built to last.

Our team has been grooming such classics for the past 25 years, always with the same goal: easy and reliable procedures for the final machine operator: You. And we have made it our mission to make it easy for you to start and operate a tobacco business.

To make that happen, we will disassemble and transport existing machine constructions, check existing lines for functionality, recondition and modernise them, offer technical support, train and instruct your technical staff.

3. How are we different from other tobacco companies?

Each client is unique. As needs to be our solution. That is why we focus on your specific requirements, always working with the best in spare parts, materials and workforce.

The result is a marriage between the latest mechanics and electronics, and existing, elder generation machinery. The quality and functionality checkup for existing components and units is guaranteed throughout the entire process, as is our full attention to customer standards for electronic / pneumatic and mechanical bought in parts.

4. I am an entrepreneur / farmer / dreamer and wish to start a business in tobacco. How do I proceed?

A business in tobacco means you will own and operate your machinery and produce your own batch of cigarettes. You will need to decide on the cigarette, on the machinery and plant layout, and learn to operate your line. You will need to get funding sorted and make numbers work. And after you plug in and get rolling, you will need to promote and sell your output. 

You will need to figure out How it works (link pagina How it works). After you read that, book your first call with us (link la contact) and we’ll help get you started on the way.

5. Is there a magic ingredient?

Your equipment. Your plant. Your first batch. Your first crisis (there will be one, there always is). Your first results. 

Building a new business is like charting new, unknown territory. We support our clients on the path though it all, with a solid product, know how and permanent quality assurance. Because we believe in fair play and long term relationships. That is our magic ingredient.

6. How I started a business in tobacco. And why I think you can, too.

By mistake. I wandered in and fell in love. I was trained as a pharmaceutical engineer and life lead me to facilitate a tobacco machinery sale. It must have been the reassuring precision in the technical terms, the resourcefulness and innovative approach of the people I met and started out with, and the dream of the plum and chocolate flavoured cigarette that made me stay.

I will not say it was a smooth ride, particularly as a woman, but I will say it was worth it. I made a pledge to support the success of my clients through thick and thin. I built a family around New Wave Inc. and we are proud of what we have accomplished. If I were to say what mattered most through all these years, I would boil it down to guts and the will to run long distances. Everything else can be learned.


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